Project Description

Sci-Fi Drama Series about Time Enforcers


A graphic novel or animated series for people interested in Anime, Sci-Fi Action, and Drama. (Pilot)A female alien warrior and a former enhancement hunter/soldier are sent to investigate an appearance of a time portal up in the Alaskan mountains. Once there and unable to escape, the U.S. Military and the futuristic forces of the Northstar Coalition arrive to claim the portal for themselves. Now the two Enforcers must protect the portal and defeat two armies so that it does not fall into the wrong hands. The next two episodes are already written with the season finale in progress.


Science Fiction, Action, Neo-Futuristic, Drama

By: John Bias
Screenplay and Graphic Novel Writer

Triple Threat Productions: Graphic Novels, Animation, and Movies

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Running From: 10-Oct-2010    To: 15-Nov-2010

Project Type: Pitch

Status: Running

Category: Film