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I looked back at stories I studied whilst I was a student of literature in order to adapt one of them. Handmaid’s Tale has already been taken as has Romeo and Juliet. However, it’s been a while since Macbeth has been covered. Therefore, I’m going to go with Macbeth.


I have decided to set it in modern day Scotland. Basically, a brave Scottish general named Macbeth receives a prophecy from a trio of ladies who can see into the future. They all state he will become king of Scotland. Consumed via ambition and encouraged into action via his wife Lady Macbeth takes life of King Duncan and takes his place on the throne. Macbeth takes lives of all who contest his crown even his own friends. One appears to him as a spirit and makes him question what he is doing.

Here is a dream sequence I created which is not in the original story. 

Lady Macbeth is standing on an empty bridge at night covered with mist. She turns around and can see all spirits Macbeth has taken the life of walking towards her. She begins to shake. Once the spirits walk through her they disappear. Suddenly it begins to rain. Rain droplets of blood. She falls to her knees and begins to cry trying to wipe blood rain from her hands. Which is where she awakes and says following infamous lines “Will all great Neptune’s ocean wash this blood clean from my hands.”

Also, another way I’ve adapted the story is when Macbeth stands at his window and is paranoid an army is hiding in the forest and they will declare war. In the original story the army hide behind trees in mine they dig underground tunnels reaching his castle.

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