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I created Liberty in 2005 as a project during my studies. Being a woman writer, I realised there was not a lot of leading women heroes in comic books and leading women heroic characters in film or women comic book writers. Instead of creating a female character based on a version of a current heroic male character I wanted to create an entirely original character and story. I wanted my story to be diverse a story which represents a diverse audience. An intelligent heroic character women can see themselves in. A character who has the wisdom to use her own powers to fight for good. Who cares for vulnerable citizens and their right to freedom. We all need heroes in our lives and the good values they represent. Now heroic female characters are everywhere which I love. I have redrafted my idea a few times since its creation. Here is my pitch/idea.

Short description

Here is the story of heroine Liberty a civil rights lawyer who together with her resistance network protect citizens who are disappearing due to the dictatorship in government. She inherits powers from her mother after a blood transfusion saving Liberty’s life and activates her suppressed powers. Liberty becomes a target from the government and a band of henchmen with mutated radioactive powers due to them needing her powers (regeneration, increased strength, levitation and speed, enhanced eyesight (zoom and night vision) and kinetic energy) and her knowledge. She and her network take their fight underground. Here is the story in more detail.


Set-in present-day London. Liberty Rivera is in her early 20’s and a civil rights lawyer working with her guardian Annie Rivera. Liberty has a vibrant personality. She and her resistance network are investigating/researching the governments new facial recognition surveillance system which scans your eyes and face wherever you go downloading all your personal information and online information too where they can track and trace you. They are also using their powers to track those who resist them. Citizens begin to disappear with no trace. Liberty investigates the disappearance of prominent resisters. The government is turning into a dictatorship. They use deep fake technology to create propaganda and evidence against those who work against them. When the opposition leader to the government disappears, Annie takes his place.

Liberty works with her friends forming a network of resistance including Alexis Winne Trueheart a prominent journalist reporting on the disappearance stories until the government tries to stop her forcing her to go underground with her close friend Josh Singh a computer analyst he also has an artificial leg. Josh uses his skills to track and trace what the government are doing and to see if he can track and trace those who have disappeared.  They locate, rescue, and hide resister’s who are in danger especially their families too and give them new identities. They use radio, flyers and printed newspapers and online social media networks to fight the opposition.

Both her parents were resistance fighters and died soon after she was born, and she was taken in via their close friend Annie Rivera. Liberty has a life-threatening disease just as her father had. Anonymously a blood package is sent to her which matches her blood type as it is her mothers. They infuse it into her blood stream and she miraculously recovers overnight gaining new powers too (as her mother had. Her suppressed powers have now been activated). Regeneration, levitation, increase in strength, speed, kinetic energy, enhanced sight including zoom and night vision. She no longer needs glasses. She does not know it is because of her mother she has these powers until one day Annie sits her down and explains her parent’s life story as resistance fighters and what they were fighting for and against. What she is still fighting for now.

Liberty needs to protect her powers as her mother was being tracked so will Liberty be via government as they will use her DNA to govern their citizens to the highest level building an army with enhanced powers using her DNA. The current surveillance system cannot recognise her face or eyes making it difficult for the government to trace her.

How did her mother and father pass away? They were working as activists in resilience to a new nuclear weaponized formula you can inject into your body giving you enhanced powers. However, there was a radiation explosion at the nuclear plant where it was being developed. Her parents were trying to stop it from happening. After the explosion, the entire area was sealed off and the project was sectioned off too. It is now a no-go area for anyone even government soldiers due to high levels of radiation.

However, the explosion caused a mutation in those who survived and were affected via the incident giving them radioactive powers. They secretly evolve and stay in the sealed off area. They too are looking to overcome the government for their own gain. When they know of Liberty’s powers, they try to track her too as they need her regeneration powers to remove the damage caused to their bodies. Their bodies are slowly disintegrating via the radiation. It is the only way they will be able to survive with their evolving powers.

Plot twist

The mutated henchmen only leave their sealed off location at night in search of Liberty after the nightly curfew put in place via the government to exert their power over their citizens and resisters. Dr. Smith (Calam Smith’s brother) wants to work with Liberty to overcome the government and protect those who have inherited powers. Liberty finally agrees to meet radioactive scientist Dr. Smith who caused the death of her parents (she is immune to radiation – her powers have evolved from that of her mother’s). Dr. Smith was experimenting on Liberty’s mother extracting her DNA. They gave her radiation, and she re-energized every time. A major plot twist happens between Liberty and Dr. Smith here in relation to the extent of his powers. He removes his mask (all henchmen wear masks) exposing his radiation damage and touches her hand and shapeshifts as her including inheriting her powers however it is only temporary. It lasts an hour at a time. He needs her powers to regenerate his powers and damaged skin as he is slowly disintegrating. Also, he tells her of how much his powers and his henchmen keep evolving including invisibility. Dr. Smith is willing to negotiate and use his powers to help Liberty overhaul the government and protect citizens with powers. Liberty needs to make a decision or take a leap of faith for the possible betterment of humanity. Join forces with Dr. Smith to overcome the dictatorship. It will lead to a whole new world one with citizens with evolving mutated powers who will need to be protected. What Liberty doesn’t know is her father is still alive and it is he who sent the blood to Liberty to save her life. He is still a resistance fighter with his own team however since his wife’s death he has stayed away from his daughter Liberty in order to protect her due to her inheriting her mother’s powers. Annie keeps him informed of how Liberty is living.

Liberty and her friends and all of their resistance group become fugitives and the government use propaganda against them. A video is released where Liberty makes an inspiring speech detailing how it begins with her however will end with you society to protect yourselves for what it to come. ‘’The government are not here to protect you. You are next. You must make a decision to protect yourselves and each other.’’ When Alexis, Josh and Liberty are finally captured Liberty is locked in a secret government security facility where she is induced in a comma as they try to extract her blood and DNA. Liberty is saved via resistance moles who have infiltrated the government. She re-energises and together with Alexis and Josh escape the security facility and fight the dictator government. Citizens of London lead a protest and the mutants use their powers to help Liberty and resistance networks overcome the government.

Relationship: Liberty develops a relationship with a detective David Jamison who too is undercover investigating disappearances and governments use of surveillance technology. As a mole in the government he joins Liberty’s network. Liberty’s network symbol is a White and red rose. Their name is Trinity.

There may be a spin off idea here relating to Liberty’s parent’s story.

“Take a leap of faith and you will reach where you want to be”

Character description

Liberty Rivera

Main heroine. Early 20’s. Civil rights lawyer. Inherits powers from her mother and uses them together with her resistance network to fight a government dictatorship

Annie Rivera

Liberty’s guardian. Mid 50’s. Civil rights lawyer, When the leader of the opposition group fighting against dictatorship government goes missing she takes their place. She was also part of a resistance group together with Liberty’s parents before they died.

Alexis Winnie Trueheart

Liberty’s close friend. Early 20’s. Forms part of Liberty’s resistance network called Trinity. She is a prominent journalist covering stories on prominent missing citizens who oppose the government. When the government tries to stop her she goes underground together with her resistance group and uses radio, flyers, printed newspapers and social media networks to fight the opposition. She helps to take in resisters who are in danger. Love interest of Josh Singh.


Josh Singh

Liberty’s close friend. Early 20’s. Forms part of Liberty’s resistance network called Trinity (Liberty, Alexis, Josh). Josh uses his computer and coding skills to take on the government. He helps to take in resisters who are in danger and give them new identities. Love interest of Alexis.

Jason Stein

Liberty’s father. Most believe he passed away during an explosion at a nuclear power plant however he secretly survived and is part of a resistance group against the government. His good friend Annie Rivera adopts his daughter Liberty. He keeps a close eye on her from a distance.

Salma Stein

Liberty’s mother who along with her husband is part of a resistance group dies at the explosion at a nuclear power plant. She has powers her daughter eventually inherits. The government were keeping tracks on her mother and try to extract her powers.

David Jamison

Detective. Mid 20’s. Becomes a mole and enters the government whilst working with Liberty in her resistance group. Love interest for Liberty.

Calam Smith

Leader of government. Leading governments new facial recognition surveillance system which scans your eyes and face wherever you go downloading all your personal information and online information too. Government are also using their powers to track those who resist them. Citizens begin to disappear with no trace. They try to track Liberty too in order to obtain her powers. They will use her DNA to govern their citizens to the highest level building an army with her DNA.

Dr. Alec Smith

Scientist and brother of Calam Smith. Early 50’s. Back when Liberty’s parents were still alive, he experimented on persons to see if he could generate superhuman powers using radioactive power and Liberty’s mothers powers. Her mum is captured, and Dr. Smith wants to extract her DNA. Secretly working with the government at a nuclear site. His experiment causes a radioactive explosion and lots died including Liberty’s parents. Her dad was there to rescue his wife and stop his experiments. The government sealed off the site however not knowing there were survivors like Dr. Smith. Part of his experiment worked as there are now radioactive persons developing powers. Dr. Smiths’s powers keep evolving at an accelerated pace including powers to shapeshift. However due to the radiation he is slowly decaying. They all have extensive damage done to their bodies due to radiation and need Liberty’s DNA to regenerate their skin and body internally and externally before they decay away. They all stay at the sealed off area except at night when they leave in search of Liberty.

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