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I like all things creative and wanted to create a world where it was all taken away in order for everyone to value it even more especially via the main character Isabella’s eyes and life. I see my story here as a musical.


We are living in a world with limited freedom of expression. The government have suppressed all forms of music, dance, art, performance, and creativity. The dictator’s vivacious daughter secretly teaches herself violin which she made herself and dances to music she forms in her mind. Every time she closes her eyes, she dreams of a world she wants to live in a paradise of colour and imagination.

At the beginning of the story we see a shooting star travelling at speed through space to music passing planets and stars until it reaches earth. The lead heroine Isabella watches the shooting star in the starry night sky through her window in wonder and makes a wish.

One day a crow lands on her window ledge and sings a song she created in her mind to her and tells her to “come with me.” Eventually she follows the crow and suddenly in her mind she can hear music as she runs and dances through the streets following the crow. The crow leads her to an underground tunnel and there she sees a group of artists, dancers, singers, and performers reciting poetry and stories. Eventually she encourages herself to talk to them and join their group not letting them know who she is. She falls in love with one of the male dancers there and he inspires her to dance and sing. She comes across freedom fighters and must decide whether to go against her father and join them. The freedom fighters are captured. The dictator’s daughter Isabella convinces him to allow them to perform publicly. Will the dictatorship change their minds? More importantly will the performers win the crowd?

“You can fly like a shooting star”

‘’You are a sky in a sky filled with stars.’’

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By: Rupinder Gill
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