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Me and my family are fans of sport including football and I wanted to create a story centred around sport. Two teams from different lives and communities facing off against each other.  It’s a feel-good story where David meets Goliath and tries to win.




Here is a feel-good story based in the shanty towns of Rio. A young (very early 20’s) favelas football team take on a football team from the metropolitan area of Rio in order to win a substantial amount of money which the main character Antonio Jiménez needs to pay for his mother’s medical bills.  They cannot afford to lose as they do not have the money to pay them. Therefore, it is all or nothing.

There is a subplot to this story covering the struggles each character deals with in their own lives in relation to class, gender and gang warfare.

Word spreads and everyone in Rio get behind the two teams for their football tournament with three matches to play over a three day period. Antonio adds a girl to his team as she impresses him with her football skills whilst she was playing with her friends on the beach. He recruits her help to teach his friends how to play as some need to begin from scratch.

The point of this story is bringing two divided communities together through a shared love of football and both captains’ determination

By: Rupinder Gill
Founder of Pitchlink Media

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