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Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe was one of my favourite childhood stories and I always wanted to create a story with a magical world.


In a small village in 15th Century England it’s citizens are living life as normal. There is a love story developing between two characters. The young man wishes to marry the young woman. However, her parents do not agree as they think he is not of their class.

Little do they know there is going to be an eclipse of the sun. A blind prophet runs through the village ringing his bell warning them there is to be an eclipse of darkness and there will be a battle between light and dark. No one takes him seriously at first. Eventually the eclipse happens, and the residents look on in fear as to what is happening.

A royal family of vampires have used their powers to return earth to the way it was once it began a world of magical creatures. They need to use the eclipse of the sun at the exact time where it is the strongest to make it work.

Eventually the villagers begin experiencing an earthquake and everything and everyone begin to fall and disappear underground. Magical creatures begin to rise. A magical world begins to rise. The two main characters try to escape however get separated. Most who have fallen turn into creatures with powers. However, there is a battle between two warring vampire families to take control of the new magical kingdom.

A Prince of the royal vampire family comes across the young lady who was separated from her love and falls for her and brings her with him. She becomes a vampire and has no memory of what her life was like before. She begins to fall for the Prince. Her boyfriend survives the overhaul he remembers her and tries to find her with friends (magical creatures) he meets along the way.

There is a lot that happens in this story for example if the Prince dies so does his love as she is bonded to him. She tries to adjust to her life as a princess of the realm having no idea her one true love is alive and searching for her. The Prince meets three ladies who prophecies lead him to believe his title will be contested and he will not be crowned king and here begins a battle between light and darkness.

“It is between light and darkness. Everyone must choose a side. Choose Light.”

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By: Rupinder Gill
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