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Here I wanted to create an interesting story of what happens to your life after death with a twist.


A woman has an accident whilst travelling through a wood on her motorbike during a storm a tree falls in front of her. Once she awakes dazed and confused, she begins walking to try to reach a road. She finds an isolated hotel and decides to knock on the door. No answer. The door then silently opens on its own. She walks in and hears music coming from one of the rooms in front of her. She opens the door and sees a wealth of spirits all dancing in a ball room to a band made of skeletons. Confused she decided to leave the room where she stumbles across flashing arrows leading her upstairs.  They lead to a corridor.  A room at the end of the corridor flashes on and off. She decides to walk towards it and before she can open the door, she feels a hand on her shoulder. It’s her guardian angel. He explains to her she has passed away in an accident and every door in this corridor recreates an important memory in her life so she can look back on her life and move on. The spirits in the ballroom died in a fire in the hotel. They did not move on and live there eternally.

Once watching her memories, she emotionally agrees to move on. Her guardian takes her to a plane in between earth and heaven. All cases of death must be reviewed to make sure it is definitely their time to pass. He tells her to place a case with the complaints department as you never know you may have a chance at life again.

Once her case is reviewed it results as a “nil loss” basically she is not owed more life however she has lived longer then she should have. They say only way to restore her entrance to heaven is she must work as a guardian for exact number of years she owes them.

She has no choice and finds it difficult guiding those who have passed away as it is an emotional thing to do.  She re-reads her contract and realises there is a loophole in it allowing her to intervene in a person’s death – basically saving them before they die and saving them from the complaints review. The problem she has is they can’t see her until they have passed away so she uses her new found powers and help with guardians she has met along the way to stop deaths from happening and helping to extend their lives.

“Save one life save them all”

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By: Rupinder Gill
Founder of Pitchlink Media

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