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As a women and minority, I have always had an interest in civil rights cases and stories which inspired the following story.


It’s 1950’s America and an African American man is accused of assaulting a prominent white woman married to a politician who is currently on a campaign trail looking to be re-elected. Everyone and everything are against him and no one wants to take on his case. However, a young Jewish woman named Aila a practicing lawyer arrives with her young African American assistant Telvin and agrees to take on his case. The odds and prejudice are against them all as minorities. They discover there is a lot more to this case then they first thought. Telvin the African American assistant makes the closing statement in the trial to an all-white jury which is unheard of.

They are part of a resistance network which was founded after an unprovoked death of an unarmed black teenager. Their aim is to build local power to intervene on violence inflicted on black communities via the state. They are building a world free of anti-blackness where every black person has the social, economic, and political power to thrive in society. They embody and practice justice, liberation, and peace in their engagements with one another. They are working for a world where black lives are systematically targeted for demise. All lives may matter however black lives matter more now as they are being attacked. All black lives matter and are striving for liberation. They are fighting for a world where they want their future generations to not just live however to thrive as equals to all. They do not want anyone to face discrimination in their lives due to the colour of their skin. All black citizen’s need to be given a fair chance at life.

A lot happens to the main characters, their lives are in danger due to the society they are living in and the political nature of the case. Personally, during the story, they must fight against systematic racism. However, I will not give too much away here or the ending.

Here is part of Aila’s speech:

‘’We need to look inward at ourselves. We can stand against racism. We can stand against violence. We can stand for inclusion. We can stand for equality. We can stand for unity. We are stronger together. We can all take action together. We need to use our collective voices to act now. We need to keep going until we get there. Unity is our strength. Let it be a turning point in our history. Stand for what you believe in. Your voice matters. We are their voices. We are all born equal.’’Aila.

“I do not believe in the law of hate. I believe you can do nothing with hatred. I would like to see a time when we forget a person’s colour or creed. We will never be civilised until that time comes.” Clarence Darrow.

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent over things that matter.”Martin Luther King Jr.

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