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John Bias

Screenplay and Graphic Novel Writer

Murrieta Triple Threat Productions: Graphic Novels, Animation, and Movies

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About Me

Dynamic Management, Training, and Tactical Knowledge Professional with more than 20 years of exemplary service with the United States Navy. Expertly managed and maintained over 3000 small arms/crew served weapons. Superbly accounted for over 1 million multiple types of ordnance to include small arms, pyrotechnics, and missiles. Trained and qualified over 5,000 Navy personnel in Anti-Terrorism/Force Protection, Small Arms, Heavy Machine Guns, and Close Quarters Qualifications in accordance with Navy Instructions. Masterfully skilled in Explosive Safety, Explosive Qualification/Certification, and Arms, Ammunition, & Explosive (A,A,&E) Records Management. Also a creative and original screenplay/ graphic novel writer with over 10 years of experience. Proficient in Written Comprehension, Fluency of Ideas, and Computer Software for outlining, budgeting, formatting, and filming scheduling. Skilled in developing, designing, and creating new applications, ideas, relationships, and products, including artistic contributions. Specialized in the genre of Science Fiction, Fantasy, Action, Thrillers, and Drama. Just started my own production company as well, converting my screenplays into one-shots, trilogies, and yearly series books to get my work out there. With the highly success rate of Indie Comic Book Publishers, my work can stand out and compete with the best of them. Then building on that to work on animated and live action television and feature films.