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Navid Mehrjoo


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I've been writing a screenplay for 10 years. I've written two complete comedy scripts and I have several new ideas in different genres. I'm writing a series called Bondman.This script has 3 chapters and each chapter has 12 episodes.The serial Bondman is in the genre of action, drama and revenge. Saboteur 1 and Saboteur 2 have been completed in the comedy genre. Script ideas in caused : Saboteur 3 : Comedy genre I want : romance genre five days to hunt : exciting genre forester : exciting genre dead man : action genre the first mistake : drama genre wicked : drama genre I am fully prepared to work with film makers or film production companies.I also collaborate with the scriptwriters who want to partner.Writing makes me relax. I have a special talent in scripting and creating characters in the story. Just email me for cooperation and partnership. +989137869163 WhatsApp and telegram