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Deborah Hodge (Cecily Baker)

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London, United Kingdom The Perfect World

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About Me

Please vote for me on The Perfect World Project... xxxxx Over 185,000 people are year are affected by homelessness in England alone. In March 2016 I stood for London Mayor to speak out about housing. My voice was not then loud enough. Before being affected by extreme domestic violence, I was a deputy headteacher. In 2014 I escaped and returned to South London with three shellshocked children and a baby. We moved back to London in the midst of a housing shortage but my children asked never to move again. “Norman” our house literally put us back together. Later in 2014 we hit crisis again when the baby was becoming increasingly ill. Two years on, she is fine now, but we still need our security. According to psychologist Maslow, we have a hierarchy of needs. Food and shelter are our most basic and fundamental. Only when we have achieved these can we move up to the highest state and realise personal potential. In my perfect world every person on the planet has a home. Every person is equal regardless of colour, race, religion, sexuality etc. What then could be achieved? I have been to the darkest place imaginable and this competition is an opportunity to get closer to our forever home, but also become a louder voice in politics. Finally, I want my children to see the parts of the world the media shies away from. I believe it is in the hands of our youth that we hold the key to lasting and permanent global changes. twitter @debshodge you tube: cecily baker