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Ashutosh Rautela

Systems Designer|Game Developer

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India Tata Interactive Systems

Available for new projects!

About Me

Unity 3D, Unreal Engine C++ Game Development,
Unity 3D (Mobile/PC/XBox Game Development, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Hologram Projection, Leap, Kinect)
Unity3D MMO Game Development
Unreal Game Engine (Game Development with BluePrints, C++, Unreal Multiplayer Networking, Level Designing)

Stack Development
HTML,CSS,JavaScript,JQuery, Bootstrap, Foundation
CSS 3D Animations
BackEnd: PHP, MYSQL, NodeJS, Socket.IO
HTML Gaming
Canvas, WebGL Graphics Drawing
PixiJS, CreateJS(EaselJS) 2D HTML renderer API,
P2.js, Box2DWeb Physics API
Three.Js, Babylon.JS 3D Graphics Rendering
NodeJS WebSockets

HTML5 Game Engines
Construct 2, Phaser

Programming Skills: C#, JavaScript, Java, C++, C
Game Development Skills
1. Networking for Multiplayer Games using Unity UNet/Photon as the MultiPlayer backend Technology.
2. Networking for BlueTooth Multiplayer for Mobile Devices includes (Android, IOS ).
3. PathFinding solutions for Games using A* Algorithms or using NavMesh Navigation Technology
4. 2D Character Animation for the Games, Unity 3D Animation
5. Awesome GUI solutions using NGUI,Dark Forge GUI, iGUI or using 2D ToolKit
6. Unity Particle Systems (Shuriken or Legacy) and optimizing them for Mobile Devices
7. Simplified Tweening for unity using iTween, HotTween or NGUI Tween etc.
8. Easy Plugin Implementations.. Social Integeration, Ad Integeration(Admob,ChartBoost,Revmob, AppLovin etc)
9. Deploying to Occulus, Google CardBoard
10. LeapMotion and Kinetics Integeration
11. Working with Mechanim
12. Developing for different platforms, Android,IOS, Windows Phone, HTML5
13. HTC Vive VR