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Misti Debonno

Freelance Writer

Cardiff, United Kingdom Entertainment

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About Me

Oops...a self confessed watcher of man'kind, absolute instigator of online media mischief and devout supporter of campaigns that have touched at my heart strings. A total danger to all radio broadcasters careers, as former Radio Presenter Stephen Hadley can vouch, having aired my angst at the folly of Coast guard closures and Remploy redundancies amongst others. Currently joined with a band of merry men that you would not like to be on the wrong side @justiceforbigal being one such Diamond in the rough!!! Furthermore one is a total twitter addict intent upon delivering humour to soften the more serious side of a sometimes overly political and antagonistic sounding board. My greatest love of all is writing, hence my seriously warped imagination sometimes casting me forth as Love Provocateur, MI5 Agent ~ Missy Rothenstein with a penchant for action, be it with her sig or in her Agent Provocateur lacies!!! Oh and before I click 'save' one has rather addictive desires for creme eggs, bacon sarnies, wine, sparkly heels, #Santy and top of my daring list 'My Misti Mountain'... Oops xx