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Sushant Alexander Dev


Chennai Crazygum

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About Me

I am a creative writer by choice and film & theatre director by default. As a multi-faceted creative, I bring a multi-pronged approach to branding and marketing communication problems. I look forward to tap into my expertise in advertising & brand building, film, animation, theatre, photography and creative writing to create fresh and compelling content & engagement points for brands. I am ready to take brands where they haven't been before. I work with people who dare to disagree. But stand united on a big idea. I mentor budding screenplay writers and aspiring filmmakers. I write feature length & short screenplays, stage plays and direct some of them. I have hands-on experience in writing for digital and traditional. My recent works including shorts, music videos, video art and photography have been widely exhibited on the Internet. I study colours and textures under natural light. I am building a portfolio out of it; some of the experiments & shots can be viewed as music videos for various artists that are now playing at popular social sites. I feel deeply connected to music. I am an avid swimmer. I call myself a half digital half analog man.