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Once I had my Own exhibition: Too Scary too hang 2012

This article can describe me so far..

By Shana Kongmun : Chaing mai's mail News paper...2012

"A courageous exhibition by artist Sinfaii Chaiyasith opened at Sangdee Gallery on Friday, July 13. Fai’s work chronicles her journey through depression. An animation artist from Bangkok now resident in Chiang Mai, Fai started treatment for depression 6 months before and the images she created were done at times of great sadness and fear as she learned to manage and overcome her depression.

The largest work is a series of animations made as she slipped into depression and end at her deepest moment, chronicling her slide with clarity. Many of her pieces are not as dark as one would think while others make you stop and reconsider what they mean and where in Fai’s journey back they were created.

A beautiful young woman as lovely of heart as she is of face, many would think she has it all, but this exhibition shows that depression can affect anyone and gives those of us who have never felt its crushing weight a glimpse into that world."