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I’m Alexander Furno  I’ve been in several major films and also produced my own short ones – which is now doing the festival circuit.  I’ve trained and studied hard over the last 3 years, with some of the best teachers in London like Kathryn Ruthford or Brian Timoney  I’m Sicilian with, I’m told, a distinctive Sicilian look and accent; but I have passed for French, Italian and of course I can speak fluent English.  I’ve played comedy and drama; I act, sing, dance,iI m specialized in different martial arts and had army training for Italian national service and have had reviews for my stage work which I’m proud of for the last theater production directed form an award winning director Gavin Mcalindel for Romeo and Juliet where I played Lord Montague father of RomeoI been working as a professional fine dining chef for over 20 years and fully completed my career around Michelin star restaurant and 5 star hotels around the world (America .Germany. France.etc) and been one of the youngest chef to become an head chef at the age of 21 My past career and the training I had on the best London acting school  made me a strong actor able to take order and directions but at the same time take initiative and improvisation I find the attention to detail and the work ethic translate well, I’m used to working very hard and I’ll work hard for anyone